Group of Magnetek IMPULSE drives covered in the online VFD training course from Columbus McKinnon.

Online Course: Drive Training | Introduction to Magnetek IMPULSE AC Drives | Part #OL-MAG-IACD

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This online training course includes discussions of basic principles and operation of Magnetek’s industry-leading IMPULSE® AC variable frequency drives for crane applications.

VFD Training Course Objectives:

  • Identify crane classes and their applications
  • Recognize the different types of motors that can be used with IMPULSE drives
  • Identify the key components and associated terms for IMPULSE·G+/VG+ Series 4 and IMPULSE·G+ Mini drives
  • Define crane motions and stopping methods associated with each motion type
  • Understand keypad operation
  • Discuss the drive support tools available for IMPULSE drives
  • Explain basic maintenance requirements for IMPULSE drives
  • Access basic troubleshooting information

Who Should Take this Class?

This VFD training course is ideal for anyone needing a fundamental understanding of crane controls and IMPULSE drive operation.  This course is a prerequisite for access to additional Magnetek IMPULSE AC Drives on-line training courses.



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Length: Approximately 3.5 hours

Course Designers: Jon Walters, Mike Mizzell, Dennis Hankes

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