"You did an excellent job relaying the information so it was easy to understand. My company, Johnson Machine Works, will benefit from the certification training and we will make some changes so that we are compliant to the standards. I also wanted to thank you for making it all about the educational part of training and not trying to sell everybody on product."  

JP Persons (Johnson Machine Works)

"The Rigging Gear Inspection training sessions provided by Columbus McKinnon have significantly expanded Natrium's rigging gear inspection and maintenance capabilities. In the past, rigging gear would have to be removed from service until a trained technician had the time to inspect it. Since all technicians have been trained, we no longer have to remove rigging gear from service due to lack of inspectors, keeping us safer and in 100% OSHA compliance."

Mark Hayes (PPG Industries – Natrium)

"We just want to tell you what an excellent job Tom Reardon did in training our technicians last week. We had nothing but positive responses from our people who now feel more empowered to do a good job due to the information that Tom shared and his manner of teaching. You have a real asset in Tom."

Benjamin Buffington (Hi-Speed Industrial Service)

"I attended this first program and it was exceptional. Being new to the industry, I learned quite a bit about the CM line of products and had the opportunity for hands-on operation. What made this program extra special were the people! The CM staff were excellent hosts and made sure to cover the program content in-depth and covered all questions. Thank you for sponsoring this program and everyone's efforts to make it what it is."

Tim Ragsdale (Channel Partner, Indiana)

“The Basic Qualified Rigger/Signalperson training was excellent. The instructors were highly knowledgeable and took the time to ensure everyone understood the material in preparation for the exams. Their facility provides additional hands-on training where participants learn actual rigging practices. The take-home resources were a huge bonus also. I plan on recommending this training to our trades supervisors for their employees. This was high quality training at a fair cost. Thank you, CMCO.”

Caren Pankow (Central Michigan University)


 "...As a result of the training provided by Columbus McKinnon, we have made numerous changes to our hoisting and rigging policy. One of the main changes that RK Mechanical has made is banning the use of eye bolts - foreign and domestic. Rigging and new product knowledge has been a vital contribution with our recent changes to our safety program. RK Mechanical will only now allow employees to use CM swivel hoist rings."
Tom Alvarez (RK Mechanical, Inc.)

“Just wanted to take a moment and pass along my appreciation for your enthusiasm and knowledge in conducting last week's hoist repair training. I believe my company will truly realize cost savings, increased safety and reliability in our hoist maintenance program and I look forward to working with both of you in the future should any unusual circumstances arise. The extensive knowledge of your product was evident in the class. CM is fortunate to have such dedicated employees such as the both of you, representing them out in the field. Thanks again!”

Bob Bowren (Colorado Springs Utilities)