Online Course: Magnetek® IMPULSE®·VG+ Series 4 Programming | Part # OL-MAG-VGACD

Online Course: Magnetek® IMPULSE®·VG+ Series 4 Programming | Part # OL-MAG-VGACD

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This course introduces the programming functionality of the IMPULSE·VG+ Series 4 adjustable frequency drive. During the course, you will gain an understanding of programming as you navigate through the keypad and parameter groups.  This course builds upon the previous courses:


  • Specifications of the VG+ Series 4 drive
  • VG+ Closed loop vector control
  • Initialization set up in the VG+ Series 4
  • Features and parameter groups available in the VG+
  • Troubleshooting alarm codes unique to the VG+ Series 4


This course is ideal for anyone needing a fundamental understanding of IMPULSE·VG+ Series 4 programming and operation. 


Completion of the online courses is required:

Introduction to Magnetek® IMPULSE® AC Drives 

Magnetek® IMPULSE®·G+ Mini Basic Programming

Magnetek® IMPULSE®·G+ Mini Drive Advanced Level Programming

Magnetek® IMPULSE®·G+ Series 4 Programming


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  • Technical Manual needed for reference can be found here

Length: Approximately 2 hours

Course Designers: Jon Walters, Mike Mizzell, Dennis Hankes