CMCO Crane Operator Safety Training Course Kit

Crane Operator Safety Training Course Kit

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Material for Up to 20 Students

Our Overhead Crane Operator Training Kit is designed for companies in need of additional training materials for their in-house Crane Operator Training program. With materials for up to 20 students, this kit is ideal for continuing education or as a refresher for trained crane operators. Course kit should be administered by a knowledgeable in-house trainer.

Kits are not available for resale.

Kit contents:

  • Course introduction and outline booklet for trainers
  • DVD covering crane types, signals, rigging and safe overhead crane practices (25 minutes)
  • Video viewing forms for trainees to sign for viewing verification
  • Question and answer period along with discussions on local laws, codes and/or company policies regarding safe crane and hoist operation not covered by the video.
  • Written exam
  • Review of exam answers
  • Hand-out/leave-behind items:
    • Safety booklet
    • Pre-operation checklist pads
    • Chain and wire rope gauges
    • Hard hat stickers
  • Operator Licenses (if applicable) 
  • Safety posters for hanging near operations
  • In-plant pre-operation exam (if applicable)

Please Note: Class participation certificates are not included in this kit. The company providing the training will need to provide these certificates.

Shipping charges are included in the price.