Online Course: CMCO Overhead Crane and Hoist Inspection Certification | Part # OL-OCHI-C

Online Course: CMCO Overhead Crane and Hoist Inspection Certification | Part # OL-OCHI-C

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CMAA #78 - 2.2.1 Work Experience

A crane inspector should have a minimum of 2,000 hours of relevant work experience and training related to maintaining, inspecting, servicing, repairing and modifying cranes. This individual shall have a working knowledge of how to identify deficiencies to mechanical, structural and electrical crane components and associated hoisting equipment. Under no circumstances shall an individual be permitted to perform inspections that has not received appropriate training and cannot demonstrate a working knowledge of the codes, regulations and the product being inspected.


This online course is designed to provide Certification on CMCO’s crane and hoist inspection procedures. This course is applicable to all cranes and hoists regardless of the manufacturer. Top-running and underhung cranes, monorails, electric, pneumatic, hand chain, and lever hoists are discussed in detail. Students will not only gain competence in evaluating deficiencies and spotting safety-related items, they will also learn to interpret Federal Regulations, National Standards and Crane and Hoist Specifications.


  • Crane and hoist configurations & applicable standards
  • OSHA 1910.179 & 184
  • ASME B30.2-1 0-11-16-17-20 & 21
  • CMAA Specification 70, 74 & 78s
  • Inspection classifications & recordkeeping requirements: every lift, daily, frequent and periodic
  • Crane & hoist structure marking & construction
  • Lever and hand chain hoists (friction brake)
  • Brakes: holding brakes/motor brakes (disc & drum)
  • Chain: load chain (welded link and roller chain)
  • Electrical equipment
  • Load testing
  • Wire rope, hooks, blocks, sheaves & drums

    Student Will Receive:

    • Certificate of Course Completion

    Certification expires 2 years after the completion date of the online course.

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