Chain & Wire Rope Hoist Technician Certification  | 4-Day Workshop

Chain & Wire Rope Hoist Technician Certification | 4-Day Workshop

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Market demand for highly qualified technicians grow every year while OSHA, ASME, CMAA and HMI maintenance, repair and testing standards get more stringent.

This intense workshop is designed to improve the skill level of hoist service and repair technicians through comprehensive training and testing on CM, Budgit, Coffing and Yale chain & wire rope, electric, air and manual hoists. The program will measure the skills necessary for competent job performance by testing the technician’s knowledge of diagnostics and repair procedures per the latest industry standards and CMCO repair and service guidelines. Students will have the opportunity to receive certification on all CMCO brands as well as individual brands.

Why Get Certified?

  • Establishes technical competence and increases credibility
  • Ensures consistent quality service standards
  • Promotes safe product use
  • Recognizes hoist repair and service professionals in the industry

Course Topics:

  • Hoist identification
  • Understanding the hoist’s electrical system (basic air and electrical theory)
  • Basic electrical theory
  • Reading a wiring diagram
  • Understanding and troubleshooting the hoist’s electrical system
  • Mechanical brake maintenance
  • Sheaves and wire rope drum inspection
  • Load chain inspection
  • Wire rope anatomy and inspection
  • Gearing
  • Motor and load brake inspection
  • Review of applicable industry standards: B30’s, ASME HST Performance Standards, NFPA-70
  • Frequent and periodical maintenance and inspection procedures

Hands-On Training:

  • Complete disassembly, inspection and rebuild of over 18 electric, air and manual hoists
  • Troubleshooting (must repair and test for proper operation)
  • Load-testing procedures
  • Trolley Installation

Product for Hands-On Training:

  • Shaw-Box 700 and 800 Series
  • Yale Cable King
  • Shaw-Box World Series / Yale Global King Wire Rope Hoists

Students Will Receive:

  • Certificate of Course Completion
  • Flash drive with Technical Bulletins, Wiring Diagrams, and all Operator & Maintenance Manuals

Students will be given CMCO Certification Exams at the end of each day to test their knowledge of electric, air and manual hoist standards related to testing and inspection.

Certification is valid for 5 years after the completion of the hands-on class.

All classes start at 8 am. Please bring the confirmation receipt that was emailed at time of registration.